The DME Group builds a wide range of products including bio extractors, marine exhaust scrubbers and cyclone separators, with most of our completed projects in the craft brewing industry. The DME Group operates two brewing systems manufacturers, Newlands Systems in Abbotsford, BC and DME Brewing Solutions in Charlottetown, PE. Each of these organizations has a 25 year legacy in the design, fabrication and installation of brewing solutions and together have built more than 1600 breweries in 70 countries. The DME Group sources materials from around the world, ensuring that they are able to offer their customers robust solutions that can handle the demands of the fast paced craft brewing industry.

Within all areas of the DME Group, the organization prides itself on being a customer’s best resource and offers knowledgeable and experienced manufacturing, sales, engineering and project management teams. The DME Family is made up of 400 employees across three manufacturing facilities in Prince Edward Island, British Columbia and South Carolina with a combined footprint of more than 130,000 square feet. Corporate headquarters are located in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, where the company was first incorporated in 1991.

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